Every child needs love.
Your support provides loving care to some of the world’s most neglected and isolated children experiencing disabilities in Turkey.
Kardelen desires to see every child who is affected by a disability and their family properly cared for in their own home with dignity and respect, experiencing the love of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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Our mercy teams focus on establishing strong, caring relationships, right from the start, showing the love of Christ through their words and actions.
Mercy Teams apply personal treatment plans, both educational and therapeutic, based on the child’s needs. The team also provides ongoing spiritual and emotional support for the family.
We host picnics, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, brunches, support groups and more to bring families together who are facing the same hardships so they can receive support, encouragement and community.
Find Out More
Find Out More
How Can You Help Us? Change a Child’s Life
Your gift of a wheelchair or prosthetic can greatly improve a child’s life for many years to come.
Your Treasure

$20 for medicinal needs of a child
$50 for a child's individualized education program materials
$100 for heating support for one family
$350 for a wheelchair
$500 for AFO (ankle foot orthosis) boots for a child

Church Involvement
  • How your church can partner with us
    • Provide regular monthly financial support
    • Consider bringing a team of professionals to serve on a short-term mission to help our team members gain new talents and grow in serving others.
      • Areas of need include
        • Physical Therapy
        • Occupational Therapy
        • Special Education
Emergency Response to the Earthquake in Turkey
Our team in Ankara is now welcoming children to a safe space to play and supporting the emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs of the displaced families who have made their way to Ankara. Our team is taking regular trips to this region to bring relief supplies to villagers who live in areas that are unable to be accessed. We will also provide needed medical equipment, long-term physical therapy, and psychological support to individuals who are now disabled because of the earthquake.
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